Problems with the Natural Sciences

Problems with the Natural Sciences
There are many problems and/or fallacies with the natural
sciences; among them are observation, experiments and
measurements. Many of the natural sciences are based on the
observation of patterns. This soon establishes theories, even so
there are always exceptions, and there is always something to
prove a theory not entirely correct. Scientists can be biased when
making observations, choosing to see only what they wish were
there. As well as measurements not being exact, there is always
a margin of error which proves that natural sciences are not
always entirely precise. So we cannot be 100 percent sure of
anything, even though it is previously established by
scientifical laws. Certain studies or experiments can also be
biased in part of the scientists; they may deny seeing
something or just choose a theory that will go along with the
experiment. There are loopholes in every science, natural sciences