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Thanks for checking out our “Book Bistro” review. We are Alyssa, Chelsea, and
Colleen. Our book is called Wild Horses I Have Known by Hope Ryden and also
published by her. It was written in 1999, and has 83 pages. Did you know that all horses
were wild at one time? There were hordes of wild horses, called Tarpan, running all over
Europe, Asia, and North America. Here is a passage from the beginning of the book.
“To understand any domesticated animal, it is useful to understand how its wild
counterpart lives. Watch lions and you will see a cat. Study wolves and you will know
your dog. And observe wild mustangs and you will again insight into your horse. Hope
did just that for three decades she has made repeated field trips to wild horse countries to
observe the photographs and the activities of free-roaming mustangs. The result is a book
as thoughtful as it’s beautiful, and as informative as it’s exciting. Readers will never
again look at a domestic horse in the same way.”
Here are some interesting facts about horses. It is nature for a stallion to be
possessive and domineering. Most mares are excellent mothers, who are mindful of their
babies. In this book we also learned about the colors, breeds, and the way they live. It
was very catchy! It was easy to understand too, but it should’ve had a glossary. We think
the book may have been a little too long, but very informative!
We give this book four spoons because it was a great book. Hope Ryden showed
us the way to love horses. We can tell she has a passion for horses because it shows! She
has changed our prospective on horses from liking them a lot to wanting to learn more
and more! Be sure to read Wild Horses I Have Known by Hope Ryden!
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