march 21 class notes..

March 21, 2007
A little discussion about lab 2. no correct answer for lab 2. just compare the different
Returned lab 3.
Offset for SNR. What does this mean?
Geo3 is poor receiving signals from satellite. That’s why we needed the setting of 12.
Lab 2 or lab 3 combine class members’ data.
Instructor combined the linear features of every class member, and put them on top of air
Very nice to view the linear features on the map.
When line on map is differential correction and when line on map is the actual line file
that recorded every 3 seconds. Can view both.
One line is yellow, one is pink. Which line is the differentially corrected line? Use the
fact the one of the lines is too close to the wall as shown on the arial photo, we didn’t
walk there. The yellow line goes on top of cars. We didn’t walk there.
The pink line is little bit far away from the original location, because we lost some
signals from satellites during our recording the linear feature.
The two lines cross each other, the diff corr line and the actual recorded linear feature.
The yellow line indicates that it was recorded inside the building… this means it is the
differential corrected file, because we could not possible record inside the building.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Memory is for programs or for file. We saved data on the PC, and our storage is for the
There is an icon in the systems directory that shows the percentage of battery used before
we started recording and percentage of battery used during recording, and percentage of
battery available after we are done recording the file. That is the answer to lab 3 question
which was supposed to be a percentage of battery used. Even tho is lab 3 asks for hours
of battery use prior to this data collection, the way the info is shown on the screen is in
terms of a percentage.
Review of lecture 5.