Biographical Essay - Sonoma Valley High School

Writing Guidelines
Patty McVeigh/gw
Biographical Essay
How to organize:
Paragraph 1 – Intro
Who it is
Why you chose him/her (how/why are they important to you)
What do you hope to learn from this person?
Paragraph 2 – Background on person
Where born, lived, childhood
Include quotes/story, any event or situation that stands out in
their background
Paragraph 3 – Show how this person is special
A big story or some quotes from that person or about that person
Your reflections
 What you think about what this person has done or is doing
Paragraph 4 – Favorite memory/experience
A topic, story, quote
Paragraph 5 – Conclusion
What have you learned from this person?
How will they affect your life?
How do they influence others?