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September 2001
Introduction to Ethnography
Learning Agreements
Last year the LARA project (funded by the Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning FTDL) sent out learning/teaching materials on the period of residence abroad to all HE institutions
in England and Wales. The FTDL has now funded a continuation programme (September 2001 July 2002). This will provide practical support to departments and individuals in the two areas of
Learning Agreements and the Ethnography programme.
Please fill in this short questionnaire so that we can target our support on those who are keen to
introduce or develop further the Ethnography programme and/or Learning Agreements in the
context of their students’ period of residence abroad.
The Ethnography Programme
1. Do you have access to the Introduction to ethnography learning materials?
2. If so, how have you made use of them?
3. Have you introduced any aspect of the ethnography programme into your curriculum? If so,
could you give brief details.
4. Are you interested in coming to a workshop on the ethnography programme? If so, what should
be the focus of the programme?
5. If you are planning to introduce the ethnography programme, or have already done so, and would
like more advice, would you be interested in receiving some individual support during this
academic year, i.e. visits to you and your department, follow-up email advice etc.?
Learning Agreements
1. Have you read the LARA material on Learning Agreements and Logbooks as used in
conjunction with the period of residence abroad?
2. Have you made use of it in any way, or do you intend to do so in the coming academic year, in
the context of your course(s)? If so, please describe how (as suggested in the report, adapted,
3. Would you be interested in attending a workshop on Learning Agreements and Logbooks, which
could include presentations on the practicalities of using them, on the experience of colleagues
who participated in the pilot, on associated assessment and accreditation issues?
4. If so, which areas are of particular interest to you?
5. Would you be interested in receiving individual support on the introduction of Learning
Agreements in the context of your residence abroad programme?
Thank you!
Shirley Jordan, School of Languages, Oxford Brookes (Ethnography)
Celia Roberts, Department of Education and Professional Studies, King’s College, London
Jean Burrell, School of Languages, Oxford Brookes (Learning Agreements)
The questionnaire should be returned to:
Mrs Jane Copeland
Subject Centre Secretary
Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies
School of Modern Languages
University of Southampton
SO17 1BJ
Please return the questionnaire by 31 October 2001