Ethnography and Complex Interventions

Content - open workshop with Professor Chris McCourt 10th February 2014
Morning: Main focus is on Ethnography and Complex Interventions
1. Frameworks for studying complex interventions
a) Outline of the MRC framework
b) Illustrative case study: development of the ‘massage in labour’ trial
2. Ethnography
a) General principles of ethnographic research
b) Uses of ethnography prior to, alongside or in alternatives to trials.
c) Rapid Appraisal ethnography – origins and methods; organizational and
institutional ethnography
d) Illustrative case study in a ‘western’ hospital setting – the caesarean section
best practice study; case study of the Birthplace Programme organizational
e) Practical aspects of ethnography: design and conduct
Observation – principles, types of observation (from participant to non) and
skills –
Afternoon: Realist evaluation: principles and approaches
1. Philosophy and principles of realist evaluation and rationale for using this
design in evaluation of complex interventions; understanding CMO
2. Participative case study: The Informed Choice Leaflets Trial
3. Illustrative case study: Using realist evaluation to understand the effects of
the Scottish government’s KCND programme.
O'Cathain A, Walters Sj Fau - Nicholl JP, Nicholl Jp Fau - Thomas KJ, Thomas Kj Fau - Kirkham M,
Kirkham M. Use of evidence based leaflets to promote informed choice in maternity care:
randomised controlled trial in everyday practice. (1756-1833 (Electronic)).