Strategy: Appropriate Grade Level: Procedures/Steps:

Reading Vocabulary
Strategy: Capsule Vocabulary
Appropriate Grade Level: 1st-4th grade
 Capsule Vocabulary is a word connecting activity that includes reading,
speaking, and writing.
Capsule Vocabulary is an activity that takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.
Students should be paired up into groups of two.
Students take a set of about ten terms that have been introduced and intentionally
work them into a conversation with classmates.
The pairs record that words that have been used.
After each partner talks through the set of words, they individually write a
summary of the topic containing the terms.
Then the pairs exchange papers and comment on each other’s word usage.
Comments and/or tips:
Capsule Vocabulary is a technique that stresses social aspects of word learning by having
students purposely, yet informally, talk about related sets of words and their meanings
(Crist, 1975).
Crist, B. J. (1975). One capsule a week- a painless remedy for vocabulary skills. Journal
of Reading, 19, 147-149.