The Outsiders Final Project

The Outsiders Final Project
Choose an option that interests you. If you have another idea of what you would
like to do, I must approve it first. A minimum of 5 hours must be spent on this
You may work with a partner only if I first approve it and it’s one of the group
choices. If you work with a partner I must be able to see equal amounts of work
form both of you. There should also be more hours spent on the project, which I
should easily be able to tell.
Please see me if you have any questions.
Follow Up Chapter
Write a follow up chapter to The Outsiders using the hand out I have for you. You will
also need to do a character outline for each of the characters and turn them in with the
paper/chapter. They should vary in length and style.
This is a single person project
Poetry is important to Johnny and Pony. Write at least 5 poems based on situations from
the book. Each poem should have a rough draft, editing, and a final copy that is neatly
This is a single person project
Board Game
Prepare a board game using the characters, places, and events in The Outsiders. This
game should be made and brought to class along with a written list of rules and
directions. Your game should also be “packaged”. Creativity, neatness, and accuracy
will count.
This is a group project
OPTION #4 Book Criticism
Act as an expert on books. Prepare two to three pages containing:
Copyright Date
Summary of the book
Assessment: Would you recommend this book to other readers? Why or
why not? This part should be at least one to two paragraphs.
This is a single person project
OPTION #5 Create a newspaper
Create the front of a newspaper. You will need articles, a newspaper title,
drawings/pictures, etc. Use the example I have as a guide. You will fill in the front page
of a paper as if you were a reporter writing about the events and characters in the book.
Drafts of your articles should be included, so that I can see all the editing and revisions.
All articles need a title. Use a large piece of paper or poster board and the format I
provide. **You may want to look at the front page of your local paper as an example.
This is a group project
Advertising Campaign
Design an advertising campaign to promote the sale of The Outsiders you have read.
Choose one of the following:
A radio or t.v. commercial
A magazine or newspaper ad
You will need to write out the script and any other necessary information. You will also
need access to a tape recorder or video camera depending on which one you choose.
Also choose two of the following:
A poster
A bumper sticker
A button
Your finished product should be accurate, colorful, neat, eye appealing, and original.
Make sure that your name is on all pieces of the project
This is a group or single person project
OPTION # 7 Write a Story
S.E. Hinton wrote The Outsiders based on experiences she had in school. Write a story
about what you see at WMS. Are there groups that don’t get along? Have you ever been
treated like a Greaser or Soc? Your story should be realistic, interesting, and have made
up names for the character. Minimum of 4 pages long.
This is a single person project
OPTION #8 Collage/Mobile
Use a design that reflects what your book was about.
Example: If you read a biography about Tiger Woods, the famous golf player, you may
want to make your collage in the shape of a golf ball.
Completely cover your collage with magazine pictures or words
that are all related to the subject of the book.
Choose the 10 most important pictures or words, number them
from 1-10, and in complete sentences, and explain why each is
significant to your book. Use white lined paper and ink for these
explanations or typed on the computer.
For a mobile, follow the directions for making the collage, but rather than making one
large golf ball (or whatever shape you use), make a number of smaller golf balls to cover
with pictures, words, or phrases which are significant to your book. Follow the
instructions on part two of the collage project for the mobile. Creativity, thoughtfulness,
design choice, and appearance will be taken into consideration.
This is a single person project
OPTION #9 Movie Poster
Pretend that the book you have read is being made into a movie. Make a movie poster,
which will make others want to see the movie.
On your poster, you should have:
 A picture of the main characters in an important scene from the book.
 A sentence or phrase which describes the book and which will catch
people’s interest
 A list of the “starring players” in the book (assign an actor/actress from
today to play each character-- Make sure they’re appropriate)
 A credit to the author and, of course, the title of the “movie” (book).
It might help you to take a look at the movie posters hanging in local theaters. Your
poster will be assessed on content, appearance, and creativity. It should also be on large
poster board paper.
This is a single person project
OPTION #10 Journal Entries
The story is told to us through Ponyboy’s narration. Write a journal or diary that might
have been kept by a major character other than Pony. Write at least five entries from
five separate days and about five separate instances/events. Each entry should be
about a crucial day in that character’s life. The entries should be carefully thought out,
and be realistic to that character’s personality. Each entry should be at least one full
page of writing and be typed neatly after written. The entries should also be put together
to represent a book with a title/cover page for the journal/diary with that character’s name
and a drawing that somehow represents that character or something about that character.
Example: If it was Tiger Woods journal maybe a drawing of a golf ball on the cover.
**You will need to turn in your written rough drafts with the journal/diary
This is a single person project
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