St. Rose School PTO Minutes 12/15/13
Present: Kim Stoneking, Lillian Stoneking, Ellen Nickerson, James Fanchin, Ann MacDonnell, Mike
MacDonnell, Stacie Smith.
Start Time: 10:00 AM
Old Business:
1. Jog-a-Thon: All done. Raised nearly $15,000.00.
2. Book Fair: Met goal of raising $2000.00. Also received a $1000.00 book credit that Tensia
was able to use toward new books.
3. Wreath Sale: Raised $1300.00.
4. Auction: Invites are ready and will be mailed tomorrow, 12/16/13. Representatives from St.
Rose School attended the PeaceHealth auction on 12/14/13 and were able to get some great ideas for the
school auction.
New Business:
1. Financial Statements: James to talk with Mica about getting monthly financial statements out
to all families.
2. All Catholic Schools Week: Erin Harnish is the chair for this year’s event. ACSW is 1/26/142/1/14. PTO representative to speak with Erin to offer assistance and to possibly form a committee.
5. 2014-2015 PTO Schedule: We will wait until the Parish schedule comes out and in February or
March will begin laying out the PTO event schedule for next school year.
6. New Family Sponsors: Revisited this subject that was brought up at the beginning of the school
year. Ideas included mentors for new families and feature stories of new families. James to talk to Stacy
Fanchin about starting this up. May also be able to tie mentoring into room parent coordination. Need
committee. Will discuss further at January meeting.
Next meeting scheduled for Sunday, 1/12/14 at 10:00 AM at the Parish Center.
Meeting adjourned: 10:45 AM
Respectfully submitted,
Stacie Smith, St. Rose PTO Secretary
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