PTO Meeting notes Nov 4 - Wheeling Elementary School

PTO Meeting Nov. 4, 2014
In attendance:
President: Quinn Stokes – Parent, daughter is in 4th grade
Principal: Ramone Carson – How can we mobilize our parent community and give them authentic
opportunities to get parents into the classroom.
Treasurer: Osharae Streadham – Para
Secretary: Krisi Chartier – 2nd grade teacher
Secretary: Jannelle Davis – 1st/ELA Teacher Leader
Heather Cameron – Kindergarten Teacher
Lydia - volunteer/parent
Alemash Yohannes – Parent, children in 1st and preschool
Yadira: Family Liaison
Nancy Bethencourt: Assistant Principal
Rita Moss – 1st grade teacher
Christa Silber – Kindergarten teacher
Marge Aspacio – 1st grade teacher
Missy Curly – parent of a 5th grader
Tricia Moroto – IB coordinator/Reading Interventionist
Discussed Job Descriptions
Bank account – we need to get the account switched over to the new treasurers/president’s
name 2 signatures
Zero balance
PTO used to pay for buses for field trips
PTO – what do we want to build? How can we raise money to build it?
Intermediate Playground – it’s sad and unused during the day
Field trip transportation (previous years from PTO budget)
Last year – PTO raised money to get new books for the library
School Uniforms – the start-up costs if we decided to go with it
Books for classrooms/students
Put our energy in what we know works based on what we did last year.
Community events like:
Fall Festival – Everything was donated and could be a great idea for what we could raise money
for. This was a great community outreach for our families.
Day of service-corporate sponsorship, enough community service activities for everyone to
par-take in the day, community volunteers
Spring Fling
Fundraisers – NEED to start ASAP
Fundraisers in the past –
Catalog sales
Butter Braids
World Finest Chocolate: sold after school 50% of sales
Scholastic Book Fairs
Baskin Robins
Recycled Printer cartridges
BINGO night
Spring Fling
Scholastic Monthly Free Books for Schools Fundraiser
Community Partners – we reached out to companies in the community as well as staff
connections for the Fall Festival
Fundraiser Ideas? We want fundraisers to tie into the community
Safeway Reloadable Gift cards “Community Giving Cards”
Up to 5% back
Individuals use it for their own shopping needs (gas, pharmacy, food)
They then reload the cards and that is what we get the money back for
Statement every 4 weeks
Will start right away (Literacy Night)
Flyers will be made to put up and send home which will include what specifically the money
will go towards.
Jannelle would like to look into the resources of keeping families updated on how the
Community Giving Card is working/benefiting the school
Barnes and Noble
Anyone who shops during the assigned day, we get a percentage of the sales
Kids read a favorite passage or something they wrote
Choir performed
Ramone is in contact with the lead personal at Barnes and Noble for when we want to get
What didn’t work in the past?
Catalog fundraisers didn’t work as well
CiCi pizza: we’d only get about $20 each night and we’d have to make all the copies
How can we make PTO accessible for more parents?
Notes, ConnectEd, email, text, Twitter, Wheeling’s website (PTO tab), sending meeting
notes out to committee/post to website by the end of day the following day.
Opening the building for different activities: Zumba, basketball, etc. as a fundraising
Self Defense Classes
What to start now?
-Safeway Cards Up and running by literacy night
-Safeway flyers with what the funds will go towards
-Tie fundraising into building community
Who do we want to be? What impact do we want to have?
-Prioritize what we want to accomplish
-All people to be a part of the events and what their money is going towards
-If we build it, they will come….everyone’s involvement is welcome!
-We want to go BIG!!!!
Community Beautification Events:
-Community garden in place of intermediate playground
-IB committee has had the idea of “planters” teachers take on a planter and are then
responsible for taking care of it. Adopt a highway…we will need someone to always be able
to take care of our community, school community, local and global community.
-Comcast will be here at the end of the year….beautification project PTO will think of
what we want to see happen, arrange volunteers and oversee project
Agenda for next meeting:
-Determine 2014 focus
-Review all items we suggested that we wanted to do this year and vote
-Building the school library
-PTO Meetings will be the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 3:30-4:30 (Calendar invites
sent to members present at today’s meeting.)
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