FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sam Fogg, one of the great dealers in

Sam Fogg, one of the great dealers in medieval art, is bringing to New York a rare exhibition
of precious objects. The project is undertaken in collaboration with Richard L. Feigen &
Co., 34 East 69th Street. It is titled MEDIEVAL ART AND THE CONTEMPORARY
SPIRIT and will be held from Thursday October 29, 2009 to Thursday, February 4, 2010.
The objective is to orient medieval objects to contemporary concepts and spaces.
It will include sculpture, works of art, miniatures and manuscripts. Among the exhibition
highlights will be a gilded and polychromed walnut figure of Saint Peter attributed to Claus
de Werve and intended for the altar frontal of the “Coronation of the Virgin” at the
Cistercian Abbey of Theuley, Franche-Comté; an extraordinary late 12th century carving of
Belial, the embodiment of evil, probably from the cathedral pulpit at Calvi Vecchia, near
Capua; a prayerbook made for Giangaleazzo Visconti, First Duke of Milan, illuminated by
Pietro da Pavia, with additional decoration for Francesco Sforza, Fourth Duke of Milan, by
Belbello da Pavia, made in Pavia or Milan c. 1390 and c. 1455; and a monumental Gradual
made for the Benedictine Olivetans of Lombardy, illuminated by the Olivetan Master and
the Master of the Lodi Choir Books and preserved in its original early fifteenth-century
The works of art Sam Fogg has selected, with Richard L. Feigen & Co., are outstanding
examples of their respective fields, spanning from the 12th to the early 16th centuries and
originating in France, Italy, Burgundy and Germany.
Sam Fogg is an internationally renowned connoisseur in Medieval sculpture, stained glass,
illuminated manuscripts, Ethiopian and Armenian art, Islamic calligraphy and Indian
paintings. His clients number among the world’s major institutions and private collections.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm, select Saturdays 11am-5pm
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