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What does the course involve?
Media Studies is a wonderfully complex, engaging and challenging subject. The course will force you
to look at the world differently and will open your eyes to the media saturated culture that surrounds
us. You will learn how to analyse a range of different media texts, paying particular attention to the
worlds of contemporary film and documentary. The knowledge you gain about these subject areas will
then arm you with the tools to plan, film and edit your own trailer, opening sequence or documentary.
You will learn the theoretical background to the key concepts of the media and be able to explore an
area of your own interest in greater detail as the course progresses.
There are four units:
1. Media Representations and Responses
2. Media Production Processes
3. Media Investigation & Production
4. Media – Text, Industry and Audience
What qualifications do I need?
This course is suitable for students who have achieved a grade ‘C’ or above in either English
Literature or English Language.
All learning resources such as text books and any equipment which is necessary to carry out practical
productions will be provided by the department.
Of the four units followed: units 1 & 4 are externally assessed, whilst units 2 and 3 are internally
assessed projects.
General Comments
This is both a creative and an academic course and will suit those people who would like to exercise
all parts of the mind. It is an exciting time to learn about the media and the knowledge that you gain
may not only make for an interesting course, but may also turn out to be vital in any lifelong attempt to
understand the world we live in.
Future Prospects
The GCE in Media Studies gives an excellent grounding in a range of employment related specialist
areas. With further training or study you could go on to a wide range of careers in the media such as:
Sound production
Film video and TV production
Journalism etc