NHD Documentary tips

Rachel Priebe &
Haley Hocking
It HAS to be something you are interested in.
You will be working on it for a long time.
Narrow the topic, but: Are there enough resources
for more “obscure” topics.
It has to fit with all of the theme:
Leadership & Legacy
Research from different resources, not just
websites. Diversify your resources.
Use books, National Archives, films, newspapers,
Avoid “fast” narrations.
Although there are only ten minutes, don’t rush.
consider “pausing for effect”
The narrator should not be the only voice you
hear. Include interviews.
Include multiple perspectives (POV) from
different sources.
This shows that not all sides of an argument are in
When starting a Documentary, load all photo’s
and film images AFTER the ten minute mark on
the timeline, so when narration is done, select most
appropriate images / film clips and put them in.
Keep all other “reference clips” past the ten minute
It’s better to see full images or motion / film.
“Fill the screen” Close-ups are more personal.
Watch professional documentaries to see how they
integrate “still” images and interviews into their
Select judges comments you think will improve
your documentary and make changes.
See judges comments as suggestions for editing
your documentary and improving it at every level
of NHD competition.