Honors Diploma

Jim Gaskill, Principal
Rebecca Chattman, Assistant Principal
Julie King, Assistant Principal
Gene Smith, Assistant Principal
Scott Dorne, Director of Athletics
Pete Bluvol, Dean of Students
Scott Gordon, Dean of Students
Kathy Scott, School Counseling Dept. Chair
Thomas Worthington High School
300 West Dublin - Granville Road
Worthington, OH 43085
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Honors Diploma 2015 Application
Seniors may be eligible to graduate with an honors diploma if they meet seven (7) of the following
eight (8) criteriaEnglish
4 Units.
4 units, including Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2
or equivalent and another higher level course or a
four-year sequence of courses that contain
equivalent content.
4 units, including physics and chemistry.
Social Studies
4 units.
Foreign Language
Fine Arts
3 units, including at least 2 units in one language
studied. For example, 3 units of one language or 2
units of two languages.
1 unit.
Grade Point Average
3.5 on a 4.0 scale.
ACT/SAT Score (excluding scores from the writing
27 ACT/1210 SAT.
If you believe that you have met seven of the eight requirements above, you may be eligible to receive
the honors diploma. To apply for the honors diploma, please complete the section below and submit
your application to the School Counselor’s office by April 15, 2015. Your School Counselor will review
your transcript to determine if you meet the established criteria.
Name: ______________________________School Counselor:_______________________
For School Counselor use only:
GPA:______________ 4 units in Eng, Math, Science & SS: _____________ 1.0 Fine Arts:____________
ACT/SAT Scores: _______________ 3 units in Foreign Language: ____________
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