Dear Parent:
(Student’s Name)
As you know, decisions were made for course placements next year with which you have
disagreed. There are several factors that are considered when determining whether or not a child
is enrolled in an honors program.
Following a careful review of your child’s past achievement records, teacher recommendations,
standardized test results, ability group criteria, and discussions with your child’s counselor and
the District Coordinator, we maintain that the present assignment is an appropriate placement.
However, we also respect your desire as a parent to have your child enrolled in this honors class.
After discussing your request to change your child’s class, we will institute the schedule change,
as indicated below, although we, in our best professional judgment, do not agree with this
placement. Please understand that a schedule change into the class you requested may result in
other changes in your child’s schedule.
Such changes are serious and involve careful consideration by everyone. We hope for, and will
work toward your child’s success in this course. We must ask the student to do the same. For
this reason, we must indicate that your child remains in this course for at least the first quarter of
the school year. No change back to the original placement will be considered until the first
quarter grade is recorded. In addition, this grade will be a factor in the determination of the final
grade, as appropriate, in the subject either in the honors or Regents level course. To prepare your
student for the level of work expected in the honors course, a packet of work will be assigned by
the District Coordinator. Failure to complete this work before the first day of the honors course
will result in the student being rescheduled into the Regents program. While this work will not be
factored into the determination of the student’s grade, its completion is mandatory.
Please sign one of the copies of this letter to acknowledge your consent to and understanding of
this arrangement. Return it to your child’s guidance counselor in the envelope provided. Again,
we wish your child every success in the future. Please call me if you have any further questions
regarding this matter.
Sincerely yours,
High School Principal
District Coordinator, Guidance Counselor
Parent Signature _____________________________________________
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