Story of William James

Story of William James’ Dream Come True
1. What are some important decisions people have to make in their lives?
2. Why is it hard to make some decisions?
3. Think about a difficult but important decision you have made in your life. Tell
your classmates about it. Are you happy with the decision you made?
4. For many events in life, there is a “right” age, according to some people. In your
opinion, what is the right age for these life events?
 Moving out of your parents’ home to live on your own
 Deciding on your career
 Getting married
 Having children
Listen to the story. Then tell the story to a classmate in your own words using
the pictures. Remember to use past tense verbs.
Answer these questions:
1. What kind of work did William do when he was young?
2. What did William study when he was a boy?
3. Why didn’t William go to medical school?
4. Who told William to see a counselor and why?
5. What did the counselor advise William to do?
6. How did William respond to the counselor’s suggestion? What did the counselor
say to William then?
7. Why did William sell his factory?
8. Why was William a happy man in the end?
9. What advice did William give his son?
10. What is the lesson or message of this story?
Writing: Summarize the story in a paragraph including a title, topic sentence, the most
important details of the story, and a conclusion. Use your answers to the questions