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WH 104 - Colchester.
Health and Safety
Method Statements
Detailed Method statements are required and approved by site from every
subcontractor prior to any works starting on the site, which forms part of their
official contract terms and conditions. Copies will be contained in the safety cabinet
on site, together with appropriate risk assessments. Weston Homes form for
completing risk assessments is contained within Appendix 9.
Roads and Sewers
All works within the public highway, when needed, are to be undertaken by
contractors approved by Colchester Borough Council, and/or Essex County Council.
Road, foundation and drainage works within the curtilege of the site will be
undertaken by a bona fide subcontractor, engaged by Weston Homes under its
standard conditions of contract, other than the drainage diversion and water main
diversion which will be by specialist appointees of the statutory authority.
8.1.1 Excavations
Excavations will be undertaken using either suitable mechanical equipment or by
hand; subsequent bottoming up will be by hand. Excavated material will be
deposited on the side of the trench and backfilled and consolidated using
mechanical equipment. All excavations over 1.2m deep shall be suitably planked
and strutted or battered to a suitable angle to prevent collapse. No operatives shall
enter trenches until such time as the necessary planking and strutting is in place.
Whilst any work is being carried out in excavations over 1.2m deep the operatives
shall be protected by working within the inside of the arm of the mechanical
8.1.2 Earthwork support
The sides of all excavations more than 1200mm deep are to be upheld using
suitable planking and strutting or, at the discretion of the subcontractor, steel
sheets and trench struts. Earthwork support is to be removed as the concrete is
8.1.3 Guarding of excavations
Where excavations cannot be backfilled before the end of the working day, they are
to be temporarily fenced at least 1m from the side of the excavation with
demountable or similar fencing capable of withstanding the falling weight of a
normal adult male.
All works within the public highway are to be properly fenced and lit in accordance
with the requirements of Colchester Borough Council and/or Essex County Council.
WH 104 - Colchester.
Health and Safety
Access to the site itself is to be restricted by the construction of durable fencing, at
least 1.8m high, on all exposed boundaries incorporating entrance gates that will be
padlocked outside of normal working hours
8.1.4 Guarding of plant and equipment
All mechanical plant is to be immobilised at the end of each working day by the
removal of ignition keys or starting handles, as appropriate. All cab doors are to be
firmly locked and, where practicable, equipment such as dumpers and mixers
restrained by the use of excavator buckets.
Work in Contaminated Ground
8.2.1 Geotechnical survey
The site is not considered to be contaminated. A site investigation will be carried
out and the geotechnical report will be issued when it becomes available. However;
8.2.2 In the event that the site workers come across hot spots of contamination, the
following procedure will apply;
Any Employee of Weston Homes, or subcontractor who discovers an area of ‘contaminated
land’ or comes across ‘polluted’ ground water, during the course of construction will report
the matter immediately to the Site Manager, or in his absence, the most senior member of
staff at the site.
The Project/Site Manager will inform Weston Home’s Health, Safety and Environment
Department, at the earliest opportunity, and in the mean time instruct staff to stop works
in the specific area.
The Head of Health, Safety and Environment will inspect the site and carry out/or arrange
for an appropriate risk assessment to take place.
The matter will be recorded, and reported to the Local Authority and/or the Environment
Samples will be taken if required to determine the contamination levels and to determine
classification of the waste.
Where the waste is removed from site, it will be transported to an appropriate landfill site,
and detailed logs recorded.
WH 104 - Colchester.
Health and Safety
Work will only re-commence in the affected area when the Head of Health, Safety and
Environment has informed the Project/Site Manager that the matter is completed,
(guidance where appropriate will be obtained from the Local Authority and/or the
Environment Agency).
Details of the incident, the assessment, and remedial action taken will be logged by the
Head of Health, Safety and Environment, and added to the health and safety file on site.
There is no known asbestos on this site, however if evidence of the possibility of
finding asbestos on site is encountered operatives are to follow the procedures
as set out in item 8.2.2 – work in contaminated ground.
Work near underground cables
The previous buildings on site have been demolished, and therefore the
potential risk of coming into contact with underground cables or indeed gas
services is low. However, prior to works being carried out within the ground,
subcontractors and operatives are requested to refer to the plans of previous
services on site, which can be found in Appendix 6 of this safety plan. Prior to
excavating these identified areas, operatives should carry out a cat-scan for live
In the event of encountering live services operatives are to alert the site
manager and cease working in the area until the cable has been re-routed or
de-energised by EDF Energy.