Don`t Walk By Policy

Don’t Walk By Policy
CRL Contracts have always put a significant amount of importance on Health & Safety throughout
every project we have been involved with on the rail, aviation and construction industries. A key
method of managing Health & Safety is to prevent the accident before it occurs through the
understanding and management of previous accidents that have occurred. This can be achieved by
monitoring ‘close call’ incidents that happen on site and keeping a record of these. A ‘close call’ is an
event that had the potential to cause injury to any persons or damage to any property, and CRL’s
‘Don’t Walk By’ Policy helps us to prevent reoccurring incidents by using the report, record, rectify
CRL have injected this ‘Don’t Walk By’ policy throughout our entire work force, and anyone who works
for the company is briefed and informed that they are responsible for reporting any potential risks on
site. All operatives are given a ‘close call’ card which allows them to make detailed notes on risks that
they witness at the time, so all important information can be included. Operative who has reported a
risk, accident or incident on their ‘close call’ card are then asked to email the notes and details over
to where office staff log all the details and monitor the potential risks.
After the information has been logged by our office staff, the Operations Manager and Health & Safety
Director will be fully informed of all the information and it will be their decision to decide how to
improve the situation so that a similar risks, incidents or accidents do not happen again. This is
normally resolved by briefing all on site operatives and arranging a tool-box talk at a pre-works
meeting, where our Health & Safety Officer will focus the talks on the problem area.
Operatives are encouraged to cooperate in this policy as it helps us to improve our overall Health &
Safety not only on site, but throughout the entire company. We have ensured that we do not make
the operatives feel uncomfortable about informing us of something they have witnessed by offering
confidentiality and keeping the report as anonymous.
Running parallel to our ‘close call policy’ is our no blame culture where an operative will not be fully
blamed if a potential risk in their work is identified, but individual responsibility and accountability will
be assigned for all members of staff. However, if the report includes details of a serious accident or
incident caused, then the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken by the Operations Manager and
the Health & Safety Director.
Mr Steven Payne