Minute books and other manuscript volumes

University of Essex
Albert Sloman Library
Colchester Medical Society
Minute books and other manuscript volumes deposited by the Society in August 2012
Minute Book: 2 April 1833 to 15 April 1856
[Minute Book covering 1856 to 1913(?) not deposited]
Minute book: 29 August 1913 to 22 May 1957 [Several menus, photographs, telegrams and letters
included at back of volume. Photograph of Badge of Office of President of the Society on first page
for 1930]
Minute Book: 25 July 1957 to 25 May 1989 [3 booklets outlining the Laws of the Colchester Medical
Society (dated 1963, 1971 and 1988) attached at inside front cover of volume]
Library Lending Book: April 1854 to August 1872 [Printed sheet outlining Rules Referring to the
Library, 105, High Street affixed to inside front cover of volume. Receipts and correspondence
relating to membership of the Cavendish Society also inserted at front and back of volume. 13th
Annual Report of the Librarian, 7 July 1854 to 26th Report of the Librarian, 3 October 1867 included
at back of volume]
Hon. Librarian’s Reports, etc.: August 1908 to August 1913 [Volume includes press cuttings
detaining correspondence between Colchester Borough Coroner (Mr. H. Geoffrey Elwes) and
Colchester Medical Society, 1910]
Members of the Colchester Medical Society: 1851 to 1908 [includes details of attendance at Society
meetings] [Described as Philbrick’s List of Members]
Typescript List of Members, 1774 to 1909, compiled from list in Book of Laws & Attendance Book
[Contains corrections and additions by W.R., 1974]
Card covered leaflet containing Photostat copies of pages from The Medical Register for 1779 and
1783 listing members of the Society
A Manual of Instructions for the Medical Branch of the Army Hospital Corps, by Staff Assistant
Surgeon A. Moffitt, Royal Victoria Hospital, 14 August 1868, [transcribed by] Robert McGill, 2nd
Corporal, Army Hospital Corps, Herbert Hospital Woolwich, 3 November 1870 [Includes glued-in
illustrations and pages from Regulations for Hospital Servants...]