all about me pp project grading rubric 2014

1. Critique paper turned in with the planning questions answered (10)
2. 11 slides (title, personal data, family, education, culture/heritage (not religion), hobbies,
friends, foods, music, future career goals, one or more of your appropriate choice) (10)
3. Title Slide: Name, class, teacher name, hour, due date, project name (5)
4. At least 5 different slide layouts (5)
5. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, “correct English” required on all (one point deduction for
each error!)
6. Use Master Slide to format:
a. a colored background, (5)
b. Arial 48 for all titles and (5)
c. Comic Sans 36 for all sub-titles and (5)
d. Times New Roman 24 for all regular text. (5)
7. Show must contain graphics on at least 7 of the slides (10)
8. Medium or Slow slide transitions (one style only) on all slides; no sound on transition (5)
9. Custom Animation on at least one place on all slides (5)
10. At least one sound clip or file (5)
11. At least one video/movie clip or file (5)
12. Put Footer on BOTH slides and printed page.
a. Footer on slides to contain an automatically updating date, your full name and slide
numbers. (5)
b. Footer on page to contain your full name and class hour. (5)
13. Speaker notes on ALL of the slides (10)
14. Follows all guidelines/rules PP Design: (10)
a. Attention Getting
b. Understandable
c. Readable
d. Brief
Printed slides as handouts 6 per page and staple this rubric on front. (10)