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CRW 242AA Studio Workshop I: Memoir
Write your heart out.
MesaCommunity College
Never be ashamed of your
Section #40908
Online Course (2 credits)
subject, and of your passion
Fall 2008
for your subject.
Instructor: Barbara Jordan
Office: EO #6/Building 1
--Joyce Carol Oates
(face to face office hours M-W-F 1 – 2 p.m.;
T-Th 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. or by appointment)
Phone: 480-461-7854 (leave a message or call during office hours)
E-mail: [email protected]
Student contact to this email address will receive a response
within 24 hours Monday-Friday and sometimes on weekends.
Instructor's Home Page:
Web Host:
CRW242AA--Writing Studio Workshop I: Memoir (2 credits)
Course Description:
Studio course focusing on memoir writing; prewriting, writing, analysis, evaluation, and revision
of memoir writing, primarily in nonfiction. Prerequisites: None.
Required Text/Technology:
Modern American Memoirs
by Annie Dillard (Editor) and Cort Conley (Co-editor)
Paperback: 464 pages
Publisher: Harper Perennial (1996)
ISBN-10: 0060927631
ISBN-13: 978-0060927639
Students must have access to Microsoft Word software, an internet connected computer, and a USB
storage device to save course documents and multiple drafts of writings. Students will need basic
computer skills and the ability to attach documents to email messages to be successful in this course.
Course Access Information:
New students will begin the course by sending an email message to the instructor. The instructor will
reply with a message that refers students to her home page, which includes a link to the CRW242AA
pages. These pages will deliver assignment information until the majority of enrolled students are
comfortable using the class wiki and web pages, hosted by Wetpaint. Once students have been accepted
as members of the class wiki, they may access it via the web host address provided above. After email
contact has been made with the instructor, students will be asked to verify the email address they intend to
use for the course. This email address will be used to "invite" students to the class wiki and web pages.
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Attendance and Homework Policy:
Since this is an online course, attendance and homework requirements are fulfilled through
communication with the instructor, participation in online discussion activities, and electronic submission
of writing assignments. Two or more verifiable online contacts per week constitute satisfactory
attendance. Students who fall below the minimum contact requirement may be dropped from the course
at the teacher's discretion. Wiki discussion participation must be completed by the due date to receive
points. Reader responses to assigned class readings and formal writing assignments submitted after the
due date will receive an automatic 10 % grade deduction.
All class members are expected to comply with school policies, rules, and regulations and be
compassionate and respectful in all communications with their peers and the instructor. Assignments
submitted by students must be their original work. Plagiarism may result in a failing grade and/or
disciplinary action. Due to privacy concerns, student and instructor writing or commentary will not be
shared with people not enrolled in the class unless permission of the author is solicited and granted.
Statements of Accommodation and Student Responsibility:
The instructor is willing to make any reasonable accommodation for limitations due to any disability,
including learning disabilities. Please register with The Disability Resources and Services Office for
assistance with special needs (461-7448).
Students are responsible for reading and comprehending the information on the syllabus and the college
policies in the catalogue and student handbook.
Grading Policy:
Letter grades are assigned according to a percentage of the total points possible. At the end of the course,
final grades will be assigned as follows:
90 - 100% = A (Excellent)
80 - 89% = B (Very Good)--Quality of assignments is very good and all requirements have been met.
70 - 79% = C (Satisfactory)--Quality of assignments overall meets minimum requirements for passing.
60 - 69% = D (Barely Passing)--Assignments are missing or quality is insufficient for a passing grade.
below 60% = F (Fails to Meet Standards)--Minimum requirements for passing have not been met.
Category or Assignment Title
Point Value
Due Date
Online Attendance/Participation
Introductory Question Responses
Wiki discussion and reader responses
Memoir Submission #1 (3-5 pages)
Memoir Submission #2 (6-8 pages)
Memoir Submission #3 (6-8 pages)
Peer Revision Suggestions & Analysis
Final Writing Portfolio (revised 15 pages)
Final Reflection and Self-Assessment
Total Points Possible
Throughout course
Monday, Sept. 8
Throughout course
Monday, Sept. 22
Monday, Oct. 20
Monday, Nov. 17
Throughout course
Monday, Dec. 8
Monday, Dec. 15
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Manuscript Submission Requirements:
Submit all memoir manuscripts, the writing portfolio, and the final reflection and self-assessment as
Microsoft Word email attachments in double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman text with 1 inch
margins. Use a header with your pen name and the page number in the top right corner. When
submitting, include your official name and CRW242 in the subject line of your email message and the
title of your document and your pen name in the message body.
Official Course Competencies:
1. Use several discovery and prewriting techniques to draft a creative work in the genre or a sample of
the element that is the focus of the workshop. (I)
2. Analyze and describe the primary elements of the genre or analyze the element of writing that is the
focus of the workshop. (II)
3. Write a complete creative work within the genre or write a creative sample using the element that is
the focus of the workshop. (III)
4. Analyze and evaluate creative work by fellow students, by professional writers, and of the student's
own. (IV)
5. Use several revision techniques to develop and improve the student's own creative work. (V)
6. Submit a portfolio of creative work in the appropriate manuscript form. (VI)
Official Course Outline:
I. Discovery and Prewriting Techniques
II. Elements of the Genre or Analysis of the Element the Workshop is Focused On
III. Writing Practice
IV. Analysis and Evaluation of Student and Professional Samples
V. Revision Techniques
VI. Manuscript Preparation
Note to Students:
The instructor reserves the right to make minor changes to the content of the course, including timing and
order of assignments, to meet the needs of the student group. Students will be informed of any changes.
Content Warning to Students:
Professional memoirs and student writing often contain content that could be disturbing or objectionable
to some readers. This course is intended for adults and will contain adult discussion of readings and
topics that might be considered of a sensitive nature. In addition, writing for this course should be
intended for eventual publication. Although the instructor will make an effort to address students by pen
names rather than official names, student writers should consider their own privacy concerns when they
select their subject matter.
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