grants to voluntary organsiations 2003/2004

Appendix 3: Summary Assessment Report
Summary Report
Naz Project London (The)
Ward: Based in Kensington and Chelsea
2001/2002 Revenue Funding:
2002/2003 Revenue Funding
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2003/2004 Funding Requested:
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Services Provided and Activities for which Funding is Requested
The Naz Project London is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee.
The aim of the organisation is to improve the quality of life of people from the South
Asian, muslim, Horn of Africa and Latin American communities who are affected by
HIV and AIDS. NAZ aims to improve the quality of life for these communities by
pioneering the development of culturally and linguistically appropriate needs-led high
quality services, promoting greater understanding of the diversity that exists within
these communities in terms of sexuality and sexual behaviour, challenging
discrimination and education programmes.
The aim of the proposal is to provide capacity building training services to BME and
mainstream voluntary and community groups in Westminster relative to their working
with sexual health and HIV needs of members of BME communities. The Project will
provide 20 half day sessions on the specialised skills in terms of BME cultural
sensitivities around the ideas of sexuality, gender, sexual orientation and relevant
ethnocultural and religious perspectives.
Adherence to Criteria and Conditions
Funding Category: Supporting the Infrastructure of Westminster's Voluntary Sector
Priority Area: Intermediary / Infrastructure Services
1. Increase sustainability and independence
The application does not demonstrate how the proposed training will increase
sustainability or independence.
2. Improve quality of service and/or management/financial skills
The proposed training is to build skills in the specialised areas of BME sexual health
and HIV service provision within voluntary organisations working with the targeted
communities. By increasing the skill levels in these specialised areas within the
organisations the overall quality of service to the target communities will improve.
3. Promote collaborative working
Whilst some of the proposed sessions will be offered to a single group at a time, as
many as possible will be offered in workshops open to a number of groups. It is
envisaged that through getting to know each other at the training sessions this will
increase mutual referrals. However, there is no mention of specific networking
between participants and as the training will only be held in half day sessions it is not
clear how well groups will be able to network. The training will include some
information about the wider network of service provision that is available.
4. Ensure project / service adds value
The application states that the proposal adds value as the organisation has
significant amount of skill and expertise in working with a range of BME
communities, as well as addressing the issues of sexual health and HIV. Also the
proposed training adds value in terms of the increased knowledge and ability of the
participant organisations.
5. Demonstrate a clear need for service
The organisation currently provides prevention education and support/care services
to Westminster residents through their involvement with the local PCTs. They are
limited in what they can provide to Westminster as they have a pan-London remit
hence the need to train local voluntary and community groups to increase their skills
with working with the target communities. However, they have not identified specific
groups for this training and intend to canvas a select group of Westminster voluntary
and community organisations to identify which training topics are most urgent and
the format if they receive the funding. As no specific groups have been identified for
this training it is not clear if there are groups within Westminster that are currently
providing services to the target group which would benefit from this training. No
figures are supplied in terms of the number of current/potential clients in
Westminster that currently use their services and the need they are unable to meet.
6. Target voluntary and community groups providing services to one or more
of the following:
a) Neighbourhoods and communities defined in the Neighbourhood Renewal
Strategy (NRS)
The organisation is particularly concerned about young people at risk of HIV
infection and teenage pregnancies, which they see as vulnerable groups. However,
the application does not say how they will identify and target organisations providing
services to these vulnerable young people.
b) Black and minority ethnic communities
The organisation aims to increase the quality of services to BME groups but it does
not state how they will identify and target the relevant groups.
c) Which promote and develop self-help and active citizenship
The organisation intends to promote increased self-help and active citizenship by
providing training to voluntary and community organisations including their
The criteria is only partially met as there is little information regarding the groups that
will use the organisation’s services.
Ward Member Comments
Officer Assessment
The organisation clearly has experience and understanding of providing services to
individuals within the target communities, and have identified a way to share the
knowledge and skills to other voluntary organisations working with these
communities. The proposed training has the potential to increase the skills and
knowledge of the participant organisations, however, the application does not
demonstrate how it will increase the sustainability and independence of individual
organisations and/or the sector as a whole. In addition, whilst the organisation
recognises that it is unable to directly meet the service needs of Westminster
residents within the target group, it does not appear to have carried out any
consultation with local voluntary and community groups that possibly provide
services to this specific client group to find out if there is a demand for the training.
The application is therefore not recommended for funding.
Recommendation: Nil