StreamLine, the refreshing air conditioning package

KONVEKTA AG IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2014
(Hall 11, Stand E17)
KONVEKTA AG IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2014:
Topic: StreamLine, the refreshing air conditioning package with a
In tropical heat, perspiring is now a thing of the past.
Continually greener forests, colorful blossoms, a unique animal world – the
tropical regions of our Earth provide a great deal of fascination. However, the
challenges for technical components posed by high levels of humidity and the
hot climate must not be underestimated.
In these regions, the StreamLine range of air conditioning units produced by
Konvekta have proven themselves over the last few months. Vehicle
manufacturers as well as bus operators ranging from Africa to India and right
up to China are delighted and enjoying the benefits.
The StreamLine (SL) range fits in harmoniously on all bus roofs with its sporty
and natural appearance. The SL range is 10% smaller and 45 kg lighter in
weight as a result of the new base material used for the system and the
innovative and future-oriented design. The components made of the base
material engage optimally into one another, thus providing the system with a
high level of leak-tightness. The high-quality construction absorbs vibrations,
as a result of which the power modules are treated gently and this enhances
the service life of the units.
One platform for all performance classes
The entire range of the SL family from 35 to 44 KW is based on the same
model of the housing and as a consequence the connecting points for the
vehicle manufacturer are always the same. With the same preparation for the
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roof, any power version can be deployed, which means that the unit housing is
always identical, although the power components are chosen to meet the
requirements of the area of application for the end customer. The assembly of
the unit is also straightforward and the assembly times are reduced
considerably by the new modern basic concept of the SL range.
The new air conditioning hoods are maintenance-friendly and can be opened
easily and conveniently. Therefore, all areas of the unit are easily accessible
and reduce the service time by up to 40%.
100% fresh air
While the maximum share of fresh air in conventional units is only about 20%,
the unit of the SL range works with 0-100% filtered fresh air that is facilitated
by the use of an electrically controlled flap. Air distribution is improved and the
cooling process accelerated by optimised air flow and ducts. Over and above
this, the more compact construction enables all units to be combined with one
heater system.
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