Welcome to Virtual Library Zine #21 http://www

Welcome to Virtual Library Zine #21 http://www.libraries.vic.gov.au
It is aimed at staff in public libraries and anyone interested in Web and electronic resources.
If you think you know someone who would like to receive this publication, forward it, or let
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News from the Virtual Library
Stay tuned for a new-look website- with heaps more content and information for library staff.
Latest Hot Topics are Winter Olympics and Chroming. If you have any suggestions for a Hot
Topic let us know at
The Ask a Question service has been running hot! Monash Public Library Service were our
volunteers for January, and Eastern Regional Library Corporation have been answering
questions for February. We welcome libraries to volunteer for a month- it's fun!
Screensaver for librarians from Dewey
Each category of Dewey is displayed in this screensaver- great for the PC at home!
Pro Genealogists
This site is a clearinghouse for information of every variety imaginable. Produced by the
Family History Research Group, a private research group of professional genealogists, the
site is a fantastic starting point for anyone interested in conducting genealogical research.
This link provides access to international resources (as opposed to American).
Librarians as Human Search Engines
This is an article from CNN about how teacher librarians in the United States are adapting to
higher technology demands. While the view about the Internet and technology is positive "the
endless search for good books will always come first"!
Ancient Inventions- Online Exhibition
This virtual museum was a project of students of Smith College in the United States. They
have brought together an array of articles such as, folding stools, olive oil soap and my
favourite, 6,000 year old eyeliner.
Sounds familiar? Library Authors
Here's an article from the UK Guardian about the top 100 library authors. Even though it's an
English article, it rings scarily true for Australian libraries. There is a link in the article to the
total list.
The Virtual Library Zine is edited by Brendan Fitzgerald and Stephanie McGlinchey.