Welcome to Virtual Library Zine #11 http://www

Welcome to Virtual Library Zine #11 http://www.libraries.vic.gov.au
It is aimed at staff in public libraries and anyone interested in Web and electronic resources.
If you think you know someone who would like to receive this publication, forward it, or let
them know they can join by emailing Stephanie stephaniem@vicnet.net.au at Libraries Online.
So far we have 344 subscriber to the zine.
Hot Topics- Surf the net for a greater purpose- become a Hot Topics Contributor. It doesn’t
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Event- Literary Forum
A forum highlighting Victorian Premier's Literary Awards 2001 Best Young Adult Fiction Books
is being held at the State Library of Victoria on Tuesday 4 September from 2pm-3pm. Here's
your chance to talk to a top Australian author of Young Adult fiction about their work and to
the judges about how they have made their choice. There will also be the opportunity to find
out more about youth literature programs based at the State Library of Victoria. To register on
the day of the forum, follow the link on our homepage at http://www.statelibrary.vic.gov.au For
further information contact: Barry Scott, 03 8664 7277 or via email at bscott@slv.vic.gov.au.
Privacy-What’s it all about?
The Australian Privacy Commissioner’s Website has details of the Privacy Amendment
(Private Sector) Act 2000, which was passed in December 2000. Not only does the site
provide links to other privacy sites, but it also contains information sheets on the overview of
the Act and if the new Act applies to your organization.
Human Development Report (HDR) 2001 -- UN
The latest edition of the United Nation Development Programme's (UNDP) Human
Development Report ranks 162 countries on quality-of-life indicators such as life expectancy,
wealth, and literacy. This year, Norway ranks first while Sierra Leone yet again comes in last.
Users can download the full text and statistical tables of the report by chapter or in its entirety
at the UNDP site.
Update to researching Australian Law
The former Law Librarian at Monash University Law Library, Nicholas Pengelley has
published a guide which highlights parliaments and laws, courts and judgments, treaties,
secondary sources, publishers, major texts and more. LLRX.com is a web journal that
focuses on Internet legal issues.
Vegetarians unite!- The World Carrot museum
For all those carrot lovers- it has trivia, recipes, jokes and what every website needs- a cat
Launched in conjunction with the revised edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary, this site
offers an array of resources to help visitors make the best use of the English language.
Features include a word of the day, quote of the week, language and writing tips, question
and answer, word games, a jargon buster, and education resources. Users may also email
queries to the Oxford Word and Language Service.
From Digitisation to Virtual Reality- Is Global Knowledge a blessing or a threat?
The director of the Technical Services Branch at the National Library of Australia makes a few
salient points in his paper on digitisation, copyright and content on the Internet. He believes
there is a role for librarians to be ““trusted gatekeepers” to develop services comprising
quality online resources as opposed to the unevaluated mass of data generated by search
engines." Isn’t that nice?!
The Virtual Library Zine is edited by Brendan Fitzgerald and Stephanie McGlinchey