Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression - Com. 3070
Study Guide III.
Arlington National Cemetery, purpose, history of
Ellis Island, origins, history and symbolic significance
(see chapter slides on Mythology of the American Super Hero)
Lin, Maya, artist and sculptor
Vietnam Memorial Sculpture - Surrounding Controversy
Military Funerals
Rites and Rituals
Strobl, Lt. Col. Michael, Taking Chance (film)
Proposed Islamic Center near the 911 Memorial
Texas V. Johnson, 1989
Constitutional Protection of Flag Burning
United States v. O’ Brien, 1968
Military service registration (or draft) cards
The O’Brien Test
Brandenburg v. Ohio, 1969
Ku Klux Klan Demonstration, Threat of Violence
Chaplinksi v. New Hampshire, 1942
Fighting words doctrine, meaning, reasons for
Civility, Problems Associated with Enforcing Civility
Doe v. The University of Michigan, 1989
University speech codes: Challenges and difficulties
Jones, Terry, Pastor, 911 Commemoration
Proposing to Burn the Quran
National Socialist Party of America, v. Village of Skokie
Nazi march on the city of Skokie, IL
RAV. v. The City of Minneapolis, MN., 1992
St. Paul Bias Motivated Crime Ordinance, problems with
Snyder v. Phelps, 2010 (Supreme Court Decision)
Protesting at Military Funerals
Westboro Baptist Church
Due Process and the 6th Amendment
Pretrial and trial publicity
The right to a fair and speed trial
Wrongful conviction
Guantanamo Bay Naval Station
Detention of foreign prisoners
Innocence Project, purpose of organization
Problems Associated with the news media and public opinion
State of California v. O.J. Simpson, 1995, Significance of
State of N.J. v. Richard Bruno Hauptman, 1935, Significance of
Prosecutorial Misconduct
Duke University Rape Case, 2006, Case and Significance of
Michael Morton, Case and Significance of
U.S. Constitutional Amendments 5-8
Wrongful Conviction and Detainment
Audrey Edwards, Case of
Central Park 5., Case of
Rasul v. Bush, 2004
Ronald Cotton and Jennifer Thomas, Case of
Troy Davis, Case of
Important Dates:
April 19, 1775
July 4, 1776
1775 – 1781
1941-1945 (1939-1945)
Readings: Please review main points of assigned readings