Background and Research Plan
This template (for Detailed Background and Research Plan) conforms to NHMRC requirements for
margins (2cm all round), font type and size (12 point Times New Roman), character and line
spacing and header layout.
All scientific information relating to your proposal must be contained in this section. The proposal
is reviewed by experts in the field and you should include any pilot or feasibility study data
supporting the research planned. References cited in this document are to be listed in the separate
References attachment. A maximum of nine (9) pages is permitted for the Detailed Background and
Research Plan.
There are four (4) sections to be covered in your Detailed Background and Research Plan: Aims;
Background; Research Plan; Outcomes and Significance. Please ensure you use these headings (as
shown in the example below).
Describes the specific aims of the project, including a clear statement of the hypothesis to be tested.
Describes the significance of the project, the objectives of the research and the background to the
project including scientific aspects and any other relevant material.
Research Plan - Methods and techniques to be used
Outline the research plan in detail, including as appropriate:
Detailed description of the experiment design
Techniques to be used
Methods of statistical analysis
Expected outcomes of the research project
Outcomes and Significance
Describes the importance of the problem to be researched, the planned outcome of the research
plan, and the potential significance of the research.
Refer to Part B – PR: Proposed Research in the NHMRC’s Advice and Instructions to Applicants
document (pages 19-22) for more information.
Please convert your finalised Background and Research Plan to PDF, then combine with the other
components required for upload into RGMS (i.e. AI Contribution, References, Summary Reports,
and Track Records for each CI).
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