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Collection Development: Political Science
Program Description
The department’s web site describes the program as follows. “The aim of courses in
political science is to provide the student with an understanding of the political
environments within which communities operate. Citizens must be able to respond
innovatively to their environment and to comprehend, organize and control their social and
political world.
Political science is the systematic study of the complex forces at work in the political
environments in which woman exists, and with the political roles and structures whose
interactions order life in society.
The major at Saint Mary's College is intended to introduce the student to the major
techniques of the field, and to provide a background in the broad flow of concepts and
developments of both Western and non-Western political theories. The process of political
change, as it affects modern society, is also examined to determine its impact on the
practices, processes and current problems of national and international societies.”
The department offers a wide range of courses in the fields of American politics and law,
international politics, comparative politics, and political theory and methodology resulting
in a Bachelor of Arts degree. In conjunction with the education department, a student make
take courses leading to state licensing for history and social studies.
Interdisciplinary Relationships
The political science program fits the liberal education format by virtue of the role politics
plays in impacting and shaping the lives of individuals and societies. The program is both
theoretical and experiential with fieldwork assignments. An understanding of the history,
language, and culture of other countries, ethnic groups, races, and religions enrich the study
of political science.
III. Accreditation or External Review
Assessment of the library following the external review?
IV. Collection Description
A. Library of Congress Classification
The political science collection is classified in the following areas: J-JA (general works);
JC (political theory); JF (constitutional history); JK-JQ (specific countries); and JX
(international law and relations). Cross-disciplinary material is in K (law); D (world
history); and E-F (American history).
B. Subject Treatment
Relevance to the current curriculum of the political science department is the number one
selection guideline with a focus in areas of present course offerings at Saint Mary’s
College. Collecting efforts are also aimed at maintaining a well rounded collection for the
undergraduate in all areas of political science thus providing a basic collection as curricular
and research interests change. As such, collecting will focus on, but not be limited to, the
following subject areas: American politics, political theory, public policy, international
politics, and comparative politics. Collections in the interdisciplinary fields of history,
sociology, economics, area studies, and psychology compliment the political science
C. Languages
English is the primary language of the collection.
D. Geographical Limits (subject content)
Coverage includes Western and non-Western political thought.
E. Chronological Coverage
There are no limitations.
F. Imprint Date
Preference is given to recent publications. Retrospective material will be collected as
deemed appropriate.
Selection and Assessment Tools
Recommendations from the faculty are encouraged and expected. It is assumed that
expertise in their respective fields will guide them in recommending titles for the library to
purchase. Reviews in professional/scholarly journals, publisher’s catalogs, conference
attendance, and association memberships also provide resources from which titles might be
suggested. The collection development librarian along with the other library faculty will
also make recommendations. In addition, the following tools provide useful guidance for
both selection and assessment of the collection:
 Choice Reviews Online
o a review source for academic libraries
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