Comparative Government & Politics Current Events

Comparative Government & Politics Current Events Assignment
Current Events – Students are required to summarize one current event article per week
from the Economist, BBC News, the Washington Post, or The New York Times. The
article must relate to either one of the themes of AP Comparative Government and
Politics or one of the core countries.
o You should respond to the following questions for your country:
Some question1. What is the author's thesis regarding the article in question?
2. List at least 3 supporting facts the author states in reference to the thesis.
3. Give an example of a comparative situation to the article that exists in the U.S.
4. What variables, if any, is the author trying to examine in the article? Which important variables
are left out or disregarded by the author?
5. What is your overall impression of the article? Is it persuasive or descriptive? Is it an accurate
assessment of the situation.