Popular Politics – Mark Knights

Popular Politics
The separation and convergence of social and political history
Calls for their reintegration
What is politics?
What type of state?
Two models: one of power/might that uses coercion, the other of
consent, collaboration or legitimated authority
Re-thinking the early modern state
Authority rather than power
What tools for coercion?
Where was the state?
The composite state.
Elite vs Popular conflict or Negotiation?
Choices and strategies available to the people:
Varieites of resistance: Riot, revolt, rebellion and seditious words
as examples of resistance and defiance (but also opening negotiation?)
But also varieties of popular dialogue and debate
Two case studies of processes of dialogue:
Petitions, addresses and oaths
Popular Loyalism
Women in popular politics
Unintended consequences of popular involvement and engagement; and
redefined notion of the people?
Mark Knights