Government and Politics

Government & Politics – Summer Work
In the AS year the Politics course will focus on British Politics. Researching, analysing and debating
current political issues and events is a major part of the course. We would like to get you started on
this with a piece of summer work.
Pick one of the two issues below, research it thoroughly and write a report summarising your
findings. Your report should contain:
background information, outlining what the debate is about;
a range of points on each side of the argument;
a clear summary of the case for and the case against;
evidence in support of these arguments;
a conclusion that weighs up both sides of the argument and judges which side is more
The topics to choose from are:
1) David Cameron’s government, elected on 7 May this year, has committed itself to holding a
referendum to decide whether the UK should remain a member of the European Union.
Your report should consider the arguments on each side of the debate and then make a case
for or against remaining within the EU.
2) There have been many proposals on how to get more people interested and involved in
politics. Suggestions include: lowering the voting age to 16; compulsory voting; the use of epetitions; online voting, etc. Your report should consider the different options and make a
case for the best way(s) to enhance participation in politics.
To help you with your research, you may want to look at the following sources:
websites of the major national newspapers
If you need further help, please contact me on:
[email protected]