Review Sheet 9A

Mr. Sullivan
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AP World History
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Test Preparation & Review POD #9A – Medieval Europe
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Directions: Please complete these questions as a means to BEGIN studying and preparing for
the upcoming POD test. It is your responsibility to complete this task before the class debriefing
session. Failure to complete this task by the required time will result in you being excluded from
the debriefing. You may wish to refer to your class notes and materials, as well as your textbook
for assistance in the completion of this task.
What was the goal and objective of the Hanseatic League?
2. What dynasty ruled France from 980 to 1328?
3. What does the term Dark Ages refer to?
4. What was the immediate effect of the Magna Carta?
Who was Joan of Arc?
6. Why did the Church consider Renaissance Humanism to be a threat?
What innovative ideas did Machiavelli bring to modern political thought?
8. What similarities existed between the Renaissance and Middle Age eras?
9. How did the middle class in Europe gain prominence?
10. How was the medieval king viewed by society? What roles and functions was he responsible
for overseeing?
11. How did the Northern Renaissance differ from the Italian Renaissance?
12. What was Renaissance secularism and how was it applied to society?
13. How did the Gothic Cathedral reflect the Medieval desire for salvation?
14. What were the major characteristics of Gothic architecture?
15. How did most European monarchs achieve their position, rank and power?
16. What empire is often viewed at the “Third Rome”?
17. What Prince introduced Christianity to Kievian Russia?
18. What socio-economic group proved to be most loyal to the king? Why?
19. What was Renaissance humanism and how was it applied to society?
20. How did bills of exchange change the operation practices of commerce?
21. What was Caesaropapism and how was it applied in the Byzantine Empire?
22. How was the office of Holy Roman Emperor selected in medieval times?
23. What is primogeniture and why was it instituted by the Church?
24. What was the medieval perception of Kingship?
25. What factors limited the power of the king during the feudal era?
26. What was feudalism and how did it function in Medieval Europe?
27. Continue and expand on answer #26.
28. What was the purpose and function of the feudal castle?
29. What was manorialism?
30. What were the contributing factors leading to the split of the eastern and western Church in
31. What is the “Renaissance Man”?
32. What religious differences existed between the Renaissance and Medieval Europe?
33. What was the most effective unifying influence in Medieval Europe?
34. Why can it be argued that the knowledge of people during the Middle Ages was limited and
35. What was the historical significance of the Battle of Tours?
36. Arrange the following events in chronological order: First Crusade, Magna Carta, Hundred
Years War, Coronation of Charlemagne, Construction of Notre Dame Cathedral.
37. What factors contributed to the beginning of feudalism in Western Europe?
38. What factors contributed to the launching of the Crusades?
39. What were the immediate and long term effects of the Crusades?
40. What factors determined power and position during feudal periods?
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