Endangered Animals

Writing Process for
Endangered Animals or Plants
Directions: You are writing a plea for help from the perspective of
your endangered animal or plant. Write your name, homeroom, and subject on
the top of your rough draft. Remember you are writing a paragraph and each
sentence should flow into the next. Indent (use two fingers) the first line.
Skip lines throughout your paper. Copy the sentences below that are in this
same font. Write sentences as directed if the words are in
this font. Please remember to be proud of your work.
I am an endangered scientific name of animal
or plant, but most people call me name of animal or
plant. I live in the name of habitat. Write a
sentence or two describing this habitat. I get
my nutrition by Write a sentence or two about the
diet of your animal or plant. When I look at my
reflection I see write a sentence or two about
characteristics. In order that your grandchildren will
see some of my kind, Write a sentence or two about
the offspring of your animal. The problem is I am
endangered because, Causes of Endangerment and how
they are effecting your animal or plant. Please
help my offspring survive, by name something that can
be done to help your plant or animal survive.
I really appreciate your help in making this world a place
where my offspring can thrive.
Do not write on this paper.