VIII. The Endangered Species Act

VIII. The Endangered
Species Act
A. Definition
1. Passed in 1973, the ESA prohibited the
government or citizens from taking actions
that harm endangered species or their
2. Three main parts:
a. Lists of species must be created
and monitored
b. Laws must be enacted to prevent
further losses
c. Programs must be developed to
remove species from the list
3. Several big name species have
managed to recover
a. However, many species have met
governmental and citizen opposition
b. Led to further loss of species as
land owners what to hide evidence of
endangered species
B. Recovery Plans
1. Previously discussed parks and
preserves play a major role
2. Many programs center on captive
breeding and reintroduction
a. Showing success with birds
b. Mammals like bears and wolves
offer more controversy
3. Cloning is a new relatively underused
4. Umbrella species are well known and
loved species that, when protected,
protect many lesser known species
C. International Treaties
1. Many endangered species are found in
nations with less stringent laws
2. UN has provided the world with 2 acts
for protection
a. CITES- Convention on International
Trade in Endangered Species
b. Convention on Biological Diversity