Endangered animal research template. this file

Endangered Animal Fair
Goal: Each student will prepare an exposé of a particular
endangered or threatened animal. Students will share their
information with visitors on a date which will be
announced later.
Use this template to do your research. Type the answers to
the questions in the spaces provided. Make sure to save
your work frequently. Type your answers in a different
colour font so you can easily see your work. Use point
Research outline
I. Background information on the endangered animal.
 What does it eat?
 What does it look like?
 What are its predators? Where is it on the food chain?
 How does it behave in the wild?
 What is the animal’s natural habitat?
 Does the animal have any special adaptations? What
are they?
II. Status of the animal.
 What is the difference between endangered and
threatened status?
 What is the status of my animal?
 Why is it threatened or endangered?
III. Human intervention
What is being done to protect and conserve the animal?
 Why is it important?
 What can individuals do to protect the animals?