2015-2016 Chapter Achievemens Contributions

NJDAR 2015 Chapter Achievement Contributions Transmittal Form (with check)
Chapter _________________________________________ Chapter Code _____________________
Your Name & Title _________________________________ Telephone ________________________
Address _______________________________________________________ Date _______________
Minimum Contribution for Chapter Achievement Award is $2.00, unless otherwise specified
State Contributions
General Operating Fund ($5.00)
State Regent’s Project
American History Scholarship
National Contributions
Historic Programs and Funds ($25.00)
“By the acquisition and protection of historical
spots and the erection of monuments, by the
encouragement of historical research in relation
to the Revolution and the publication of its
results; by the preservation of documents and
relics, and of the records of the individual
services of Revolutionary soldiers and patriots;
and by the promotion of celebration of all
patriotic anniversaries…”
Educational Programs and Funds ($25.00)
Junior Membership
New Jersey Cottage at Tamassee
DAR Schools
“To carry out the injunction of Washington in
his farewell address to the American people, ‘to
promote, as an object of primary importance,
institutions for the general diffusion of
knowledge’ thus developing an enlightened
public opinion, and affording to young and old
such advantages as shall develop in them the
largest capacity for performing the duties of
American citizens..”
Patriotic Programs and Funds ($5.00)
NJDAR State Scholarship
Betty Bradbury Vail Scholarship
Veterans Donations
“To cherish, maintain and extend the
institutions of American freedom; to foster true
patriotism and love of country, and to aid in the
securing for mankind all the blessings of
Membership Programs and Administrative
Funds ($20.00)
Watson House Trust Fund
Watson House Headquarters
New Jersey Room
Awards Day Prize Fund ($25.00)
President General’s Project (due 12/1)
Total State Contributions
Total National Contributions
Total State & National Contributions $__________________ Check#____________________
Please attach your check payable to NJDAR and mail no later than 1 December 2015 to
Louise C. Stiloski, NJDAR State Treasurer, 221 Lincoln Avenue, Avon-by-the-Sea, New Jersey 07717-1211
Send a copy of the Chapter Achievement Form to: Pamela Campbell, 9 Marlton Avenue, Gibbsboro, New Jersey 08026-1212
*Please list amounts sent separately forwarded and/or paid in this column. The “amount included” column should only show amounts that are
included with the check sent with this form.