PLINK Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for Plant Link UK
 Plant Link UK will advance the conservation of wild plants by facilitating
the exchange of information between organisations involved in plant
conservation. By providing a forum for consideration of UK activities,
Plant Link UK will collectively represent the voice of wild plants and
initiate joint initiatives that actively influence and advocate for the wild
plants and their conservation.
 To provide a forum for the free flow of information between
organisations involved in plant conservation
 To stimulate debate, discussion and ideas for collaborative working on
and influencing issues of plant conservation concern
 To take forward action to deliver targets in Plant Diversity Challenge –
the UK’s response to the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation.
Membership and procedures
 Plantlife will chair and provide the secretariat support for Plant Link UK
(a network of organisations)
 Membership of Plant Link UK is free and open to any organisation
actively involved in plant conservation in the UK1
 Plant Link UK will meet annually
 Representatives from country Plant Link groups shall attend Plant Link
Representatives are permitted from the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and overseas territories.