Corpus Linguistics

English Philology
Corpus Linguistics
Faculty of Philology, Department of English Philology
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Judita Giparaitė
Room 209, Department of English Philology, Lithuanian
University of Educational Sciences, 39 Studentų St., Vilnius
LT-08106, Lithuania, tel. +370 5 2757258, e-mail:
Language of Instruction
BA in English Philology
Required Prerequisites
Suggested Academic Cycle MA studies (from 2nd year of studies)
or Year of Studies
ECTS Credits
Contact Hours per Week
Compulsory/ Elective
Lectures, seminars and individual consultations
Methods of Teaching
Oral presentation on theory (10%), Oral presentation on
Form of Assessment
corpus-based text analysis (20%), Essay (20%), Mid-term
test (20%), Final test (30%)
Title of the Study Program
Title of the Module
Faculty, Department
Course Description
On the theoretical side, the course aims at investigating into the scope and
applications of corpus linguistics (CL) in language studies. It addresses a number of
theoretical issues such as the distinction between method and theory in corpus linguistics,
differences and commonalities between CL and Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) in terms
of methodological approaches to text analysis. For the practical purpose, the course also
provides students with an opportunity of getting acquainted with different types of English
and Lithuanian corpora, highlighting some corpus-construction and applications issues, such
as differences between mark-up and annotation.
With its hands-on approach, the course trains students how to apply some basic
stylometric measures at the lexical and syntactic levels (e.g. n-grams, POS-grams, P-frames,
type-token ratio, etc) in the analysis of both literary and non-literary texts. In developing
practical and analytical skills, the course teaches how to explore the English language with
corpora, including investigation in register variation, collocation patterns and semantic
prosody, genre-specific features, etc.
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