The Special Education Department Welcomes You To Bloomfield

The Pupil Services Department Welcomes You To
Bloomfield High School!!!
Special Education students and General Education students learn together at BHS.
Professionals are available to help students who need Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Social
Work services, Speech/Language support and/or services of a School Psychologist.
Many Special Education students achieve academic honors, win awards, and excel in extracurricular
activities sponsored by BHS.
Student schedules are individually programmed to ensure the achievement of the goals and objectives
for each student’s IEP.
The Pupil Services staff wants to make sure EVERY student at BHS has the opportunity to actualize their
Staff List
Andrea Johnson-Schuler (School Psychologist)
Julia Brel (School Psychologist)
Samantha Cyr (Teacher of the Hearing Impaired)
Katherine Tarutis
Kimari Eady
Ashley Mazur
Nancy Peterson
Julie Siva-Piaskowski
Lou Ann Roberto