knights and castles

1. Describe the placement of most castles. What was considered when choosing
Most castles where built on hills where they could see all around them, with
no tress around so it was hard for the enemies to get shelter.
2. How were castles made safer for those inside?
They used draw bridges, small windows for firing, big stone or metal doors.
3. What were castles made from by the Middle Ages?
The castles were made for the knights, lords, fighters, wife’s, chapels.
4. Who did the Lords get to fight for them? What sort of people did the fighting?
Knights fought for the lords.
5. What did people eat?
People ate sweet meats, breads, pies, vegetables.
6. What was the role of women in the camps and general life?
Their role was to cook for the lords, get married, and have children.
7. What did women use for medicines? How did they know about them?
They used many plants and herbs mixed with water and other liquids.
8. When did girls get married? How many children did each woman have?
Women got married at the age of 12 to 14, mainly once they started to
menstruate; they had no choice but to have children. They mainly had up to 8
tom 10 children because most of them would die at the age of 2.
9. Which invention made the cavalry the most important force in war?
The syrups, because then they were able to fight much easier when on the
battle field on horseback.
10. How did somebody become a knight? Why was chivalry important?
How: they became a knight once they had served their time helping their lord
and working very hard. They were crowned a night by the priest.
Why: chivalry was important because, it was the code that all the nights and
crusades had to follow.
11. What did the white robe signify?
The white robe signified cleanliness and purity.
12. How was being a knight associated with religion? They had to promise what?
How: they had to promise that they would shed blood in protection for their
What: they would promise to treat women fairly.
13. List 5 movies that are set in medieval times.
Brave heart
A knight’s tail
Robin Hood
14. Describe the armour of the knights.
The knight’s armour was a mixture of plate and mail, but in the previous times
the armour was just a full mail suit.
15. Identify 3 areas of technology that improved during the Middle Ages. How?
How: because it gradually evolved. Also technology improves out of
16. What was important about the coat of arms worn by the knights?
It was important because the coat of arms represented the family they came
from. Each family had their own coat of arms, e.g. if my last name was
trumpet I might have trumpets on my coat of arms.
17. Why were knights’ tournaments held?
They held tournements so they could practise for the real thing.
18. What weapons were used in War?
19. What strategies were used in fighting?
20. For what reasons did Castles lose their strategic influence?