The Medieval Knight

The Medieval Knight
Type in the following web address:
Read the following thinkquest and complete the activities below:
List 2 types of fighting men during the Middle Ages?
Becoming A Knight
Identify the 2 ways in which a person could become a knight:
List the stages in becoming a knight. Describe activities a person could expect to do during each stage
Give examples (@ least 2) of chivalry, Knights were expected to live by
In your opinion did Knights treat everyone with chivalry? Explain.
Armor & Weapons
What is chain mail?
Draw 2 weapons (and label) that Knights would use during fighting?
Design Your Coat of Arms
Type the following websites:
This site will give you information to answer the questions
Why were coats of arms used during the Middle Ages?
Who used coats of arms first?
Identify 2 objects coats of arms were placed on?
You will be responsible for creating a coat of arms. Use the above website to gain background information on
what should be included in a coat of arms. Follow steps 1-6 from the website. To print a copy of the shield put
your name and use my school email:
The Tudors-Joust Activity
Type in the address below, complete the activity on knights jousting