Panagiota Papasotiriou

Dr. Panayiota T. Papastylianou
Place and date of birth: Athens, Greece, 3 February 1960
Office address: Agricultural University of Athens,
Department of Crop Science
Laboratory of Crop Production,
Iera Odos 75, 10445, Athens, Greece, 11855
Tel: 00302 10 5294488, fax: 00302 10 5294482
Email: [email protected]
Education: 1977-1982 B.Sc. Agriculture University of Athens
2003 Ph.D. Agriculture University of Athens
2005 Lecturer at the Laboratory of Crop Production
Undergraduate level: Principles of Field Crop Production, Field Crops
(temperate and warm climate cereals, industrial crops, legumes, aromatic
and medicinal crops).
Postgraduate level: Crop Physiology, Seed Physiology.
Crop physiology, especially the water relations of field crops and the
effects of plant water status on growth, development, productivity and
quality aspects of crops. Cultivar evaluation for drought resistance.
Agricultural ecology, especially the study of the effects of variables of the
aerial environment (temperature, solar irradiance, precipitation) on
growth, development, yield, and product quality of crop species and
Seed biology and technology, especially the study of the effects of the
prevailing conditions during grain-filling on seed production and quality,
and the effects of osmoconditioning on seed performance.
Weed biology and competitive ability.
Aromatic plants and allelopathy.
Participation in competitive research projects of the E.U., the Hellenic
General Secretariat for Research and Technology, and the Hellenic
Ministry of Rural Development and Food.
Selected publications
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