May 15, 2015: Corn Ideas - 81

New crop stored corn ideas.
I know the market has not looked real friendly lately, we are all looking for some news to give us a rally,
but I would like to suggest putting in some open HTA orders for the March 16 futures anywhere from
that $4.15 to $4.25 area on a percentage of your crop depending on how much you have sold already.
You have flexibility with these contracts and can roll them to the next month if you are not ready to set
basis or deliver. I just chose the March but you can use the May contract as well. Grain that you are
not storing I would be looking at the $4.06 to the $4.16 area off the December board. Otherwise look
for some targets to sell some cash corn. You can always add a Bonus Premium to your contract to give
you another .10 to .20 cents depending on the month and the strike price you choose. Just another tool
to add money to your bottom line.
Reed Stolpe
Risk Management Consultant
81-20 Grain LLC.
402-518-0898 cell
402-337-0063 office