Biotech -- Promises

Promises, Promises...
Biotechnology has promised many
benefits, but current actions do not always
live up to promises.
Promise #1. Biotech will "greatly reduce
reliance on Toxic pesticides…"
"By borrowing beneficial traits from
elsewhere in nature, we can now make
crops and plants naturally resistant to
insects, to viruses. We can reduce the need
to spray for pests. Nothing could be more
natural, more logical."
Earl Harbison, President
Monsanto Chemical
"At least 30 crop and forest tree species are
now being modified to withstand
otherwise lethal or damaging doses of
Biotechnology Working
Group Study:
• Allows usage of herbicides during any
part of growing cycle
• Not a Single Research Group has
Sought a Permit for 'anti-insecticide'
virus testing. (too complicated)
Promise #2. Place Genes in Plants to Fix
Own Nitrogen
No Firm has Research Program to do
Promise #3. Feed the Hungry World:
Option 1—Technology Transfer:
Mexico: Potatoes sold only in
Mexico, 'biopiracy' or
helping hand?
Kenya: Sweet Potatoes and
non-commercial crops
Cotton research and
Royalties conflicts
Option 2—Food Crop Research:
Majority of research performed on
high-value commercial crops
Tobacco 9/70: Corn 8/70
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