ORDERING ¼ 100% Grass

ORDERING ¼ 100% Grass-Fed Angus Beef
Since many are ordering ¼ beef for the first time, we want to provide you with
information on what you will get if you order ¼ of a beef. There is a difference between
the front quarter and the hind quarter of a beef. You get more “choice” cuts (steaks) from
the hind quarter so, consequently, if you would buy only the hind quarter, it is more
expensive. We think it is best to give you some great meat from some of the front and
hind quarter. Sooo-unless you choose to find someone, to split a side (1/2) with---that
wants it cut differently, we will be selling all ¼’s with the following cuts:
You will get: Top Sirloin and sirloin filet---1” thick---2 to a pkg.
½ brisket
Boneless ribeye Steak---1” thick---2 to a pkg.
Tenderloin Filet Steaks---1” thick---2 to a pkg.
K. C. Strip Steaks---1” thick---2 to a pkg.
3 boneless roasts---about 3 to 3 1/2 lbs. each
2 arm roasts---approx. 3 to 3/1/2 lbs.---nice and meaty
Tenderized Minute/Cubed Steaks---3/4” thick---2 to a pkg.
Minute/Cubed Steaks, not tenderized---3/4” thick---2 to a pkg.
Lean Ground Beef in approx. 1 lb. pkgs.
*We have taken the chuck roasts and short ribs and had
those cuts ground into hamburger. This way you will get
better quality and more ground beef.
Liver, sliced, in 1 lb. pkgs.---You WILL get some liver, heart,
and tongue unless you tell Steves you do not want it—when
you pick up your meat. These are very nutritious for humans
or pets---so consider it! You can be sure it is okay to eat IF
it comes from our beef.
Stew meat/soup bones---let them know if you want these when you
call to find out when to pick up your meat.
Now, if you choose to find someone else to split a ½ with, you could choose to leave the
bone in some of the steaks. For instance: You can get T-Bone steaks, but then you will
not get the Filets or Strip steaks---because they are included in the T-Bone. You could
also get the chuck roasts, short ribs, Ribeye Steak with the bone in, Round Steak (instead
of the Minute/cubed steaks) either tenderized or not tenderized. (Remember though, if
you want quality hamburger, you want some good pieces ground into burger.) You could
also have more put in pkgs., etc. So, if some have dogs, or you just want more bones,
this gives you options. But, YOU need to find someone to split the ½ with, that wants it
cut the same way you do. Otherwise, it is just too hard to split up evenly.
Hope this helps you understand the cuts of meat you will receive.
Mel and Joyce Williams @ MJ Ranch, 3105 Wild Horse Rd., Lawrence, Ks. 66044
e-mail: mjranch66044@hughes.net