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Multimedia & Webpage Design Teaching Preparation Portfolio
General Course
State course code: BW10
State course title: Multimedia & Webpage
Recommended maximum
enrollment: 25
Recommended hours of 135-180
Course Description
This revised course focuses on desktop publishing, graphic
image design, computer animation, multimedia production, and
webpage design. Communication skills and critical thinking are
reinforced through software applications. Work-based learning
strategies appropriate for this course are service learning, field
trips, job shadowing, and internship. Simulations, projects, and
teamwork are emphasized as opportunities for application of
instructional competencies. Future Business Leaders of
America (FBLA) competitive events, community service, and
leadership activities provide the opportunity to apply essential
standards and workplace readiness skills through authentic
This honors course extends the Essential Standards to a higher
more relevant and rigorous level. Students will complete five
assigned honors projects in addition to the activities in the
standard level of the course.
Course Goals and
Standard and Enhanced course blueprints on file with honors
See RBT unpacked content in curriculum guide.
The purpose of Multimedia & Webpage Design is to enable
students to effectively communicate with their target audience
through professional printed and electronic publications.
Describe how these generalizations will be used the course:
1.03H, 2.01H, 2.02H, 3.01H 3.02H – Identify a need within a
school/business/community group, communicate with the
leaders of the organization to determine specific guidelines for
creating publications that will reach a target audience, and
produce products that demonstrate principles covered in this
course while meeting a real-world need.
Essential Questions
Essential Questions
1.03H - How can design and desktop publishing be applied to
real-world situations?
2.01H - What creating and editing skills are needed to produce a
professional quality scrapbook or electronic portfolio?
2.02H - Evaluate how open sourced software compares to
commercial software.
3.01H - What elements are necessary to reach a target audience
for an advertisement?
3.02H - Evaluate different methods of communication important
to businesses.
Describe how essential questions will be used in the course:
Essential questions will be the basis for completion of
curriculum guide activities, class discussions, course projects,
and the additional honors projects. Students will apply
questions to their own life experiences and/or to their future
career plans.
Issues Particular to the
It is strongly recommended that students complete the
MSITA Word, PPT, Publisher course before taking this
honors course. Students are expected to have a basic
knowledge of this software or with similar software.
Individual teachers will need to decide how projects will be
Expectations of
assigned and coordinated.
Computers with necessary software
Acceptable Use Policy Guidelines for Internet usage
Adequate peripheral hardware
Adequate electronic storage for assignments/projects
Accessibility to videos and downloadable items for project
Students are expected to take responsibility for securing and
communicating with their own real-world organization for
Objectives 1.03H, 3.01H and 3.02H.
2.01H - Students will showcase their graphic design skills in a
culminating project such as a scrapbook, electronic portfolio or
other document.
2.02H- After researching and creating an animation using open
source software program, prepare an electronic presentation
showcasing the similarities and differences of the software with
other animation software. Students will also demonstrate the
software application to the class.
Students will select an assignment or project to showcase their
skills from each objective listed in the blueprint. Students will
write a reflection answering the following guided questions.
 How did you begin this work?
 What did you like about this lesson?
 What were the easiest and the most difficult parts of this
 How can you use this lesson in the real world?
 What skills and knowledge did you learn to produce this
 What would make this lesson better?
1.03H - Students will use typeface and fonts, design elements
and principles, and desktop publishing to develop publications
for an existing business, community group, event, or school
2.01H - Students will create a scrapbook, electronic portfolio or
other culminating publication using Publishing software and
Photo Editing Software to showcase design and editing skills.
2.02H - Students will research and use open-source animation
software to create a product. They will also create an electronic
presentation showcasing the similarities and differences of the
software with other animation software applications. Students
will demonstrate the software to the class members.
3.01H - Students will create a commercial using a multimedia
system advertising the business, community group, event, or
school organization from objective 1.03H
3.02H - Students will create a web site to exhibit all other
honors documents they have designed throughout the course.
The web page will serve as another tool for communicating to
the identified audience as well as providing a cumulative space
for displaying projects from 1.03H & 3.01H.
Project 3.02H is a culminating project that requires a collection
of reflections and artifacts throughout the semester.
Timetables and Deadlines
Students will complete assigned projects within the specified
time allowed for the corresponding objective.
Pacing Guide
See sample pacing guide attached.
Elements testing and Post-Assessment
Quia testing and activities
Class work from curriculum guide
In-class observations
Enhanced Honors Projects scored by rubrics
System for Grading
Each honors assignment will be included in the project category
within the 9 weeks average.
Final Grade
CTE post-course assessment – 25% of final grade
1st Nine Weeks grade 37.5%
2nd Nine Weeks grade 37.5%
Instructional Materials,
Equipment, and
LCD Projector with screen
Internet Access with video capabilities
Digital Camera with video capabilities
HTML Authoring/Editing Software
Graphics/Animation Editing Software
Microsoft Office Suite
DPI Curriculum Guide
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Administrator signature
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