Junior Workshop Prep Work

Junior Workshop Preparation
The Junior Honors Workshop required of all third year Honors students will help lay the
groundwork for success in the coming year. Our goals are many, but can be boiled down to two
primary ones:
 Goal 1: To prepare students to write high-quality thesis proposals
 Goal 2: To guide students in planning their next two years of thesis research
To prepare for the workshop, do and bring the following:
Actively read the following and jot down any questions that emerge. All of these documents are
available on the honors website at: http://www.elon.edu/eweb/academics/honors/researchinfo.xhtml
 Proposal Form
 Description and Timeline
 Principles and Process
 Thesis guidelines for your major
Questions: Jot down brief answers to the following questions to prepare you for small group
 Where are you now with your project? Be prepared to articulate the core idea of your
project (or a possible project if you’re still thinking about an idea) in 2 sentences (no
more than 2; being succinct is key to helping you identify the core idea of your work).
 Based on your readings, what steps do you need to take this semester and when?
 What questions do you have for Honors students who have gone through this process
before, in addition to any questions you have for the Directors?