Honors Program Senior Checklist

Honors Program Senior Checklist
Please complete this and place it at the beginning of your Honors Senior Portfolio.
Did you attend Culture Day (to Indianpolis, Chicago, etc.)?___ How many times?____
Did you attend MEHA? ___ How many times?___
Did you go on the Stratford Shakespeare Festival trip?___ How many times?___
How many Culture events did you actually do throughout your time here? ___ List those
that you didi but did not write about in your selected 5?__________________________
5) About how many Chew & Chats did you attend? ___ What were some of your favorite
6) What service-learning activities did you do through H100, H-options, Honors Club, or
your senior project? _____________________________________________________
7) Did you tutor, give presentations in class, work as a Student Instructor, or in other ways
consider yourself an academic leader? List these______________________________
8) What research did you conduct (laboratory, library, archival, etc.) during your time in the
Honors Program? Please describe these______________________________________
9) Identify all conferences where you presented your research (eg, Student Research Day,
MEHA, Women and Gender Studies, etc.)______________________________________
10) What campus clubs or organizations were you a member or officer? Please list them and
your position:_______________________________________________________(over)
Consider using some of these activities in your Honors Portfolio Opening Reflection as you
address how you meet each of the Honors Program’s 4 goals!
Rev. 4/15
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