Genetics Guided Notes

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Genetics and Heredity Guided Notes
Introduction to Genetics:
Gregor Johann Mendel (1822-1884)
1.Gregor Mendel was an _______________ __________________________.
2. He studied the inheritance of traits in _______________________________.
3. He also developed the laws of _______________________________________.
4. Mendel's work was not recognized until the turn of the ________________________.
Gregor Johann Mendel:
1. Between 1856 and 1863, Mendel cultivated and tested some ______________________.
2. He found that the plants' ____________________________retained traits of the parents.
He was called the ________________________________________.
Genetic Terminology:
1. Trait :_______________________________________________________________________.
2. Heredity:____________________________________________________________________.
3. Genetics :___________________________________________________________________.
Types of Genetic Crosses:
There are different types of genetic crosses. We are going to be dealing with the simplest type.
1. Monohybrid cross: ___________________________________________________________.
e.g. flower color
Designer “Genes”:
1. Alleles - two forms of a gene __________________________.
2. _____________- stronger of two genes expressed in the hybrid; represented by a capital (R).
3. _____________-gene that shows up less often in a cross; represented by a lowercase letter (r).
More Terminology:
1. _______________________- gene combination for a trait (e.g. RR, Rr, rr)
2. _______________________- the physical feature resulting from a genotype (e.g. red, white)
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Genotype & Phenotype in Flowers:
1. _____________________- gene combination involving 2 dominant or 2 recessive genes (e.g. RR or Rr); also
called pure
2. ______________________- gene combination of one dominant & one recessive allele (e.g. Rr); also called
_____________= red flower.
4. _____________= yellow flower.
5. All genes occur in pairs, so _________________alleles affect a _____________________.
6. Possible combinations are:
_____ ___
Punnett Square:
1. Used to help solve ______________________________________________________.
Monohybrid Crosses:
Trait: Seed Shape
Alleles: R- Round r- Wrinkled
Cross: Round Seeds x Wrinkled seeds
RR x