Board of Directors (Treasurer):

Board of Directors (Treasurer):
Treasurer of the HLST Board of Directors
The Board of Directors will manage and govern the affairs of
the corporation of HLST. There is no salary compensation for
this position. The Treasurer will have charge and custody of
and be responsible for all funds and securities of the
corporation. …
Key Responsibilities:
Length of Appointment:
Time Commitment:
Support Provided:
Volunteer Contact:
Meetings of the Board of Directors typically take place at
Carroll College, but may be in any location specified.
Duties are typically carried out from home or at the pool.
1.Receive and give receipts for moneys due and
payable or contributed to the corporation from any
source whatsoever.
2. Deposit all such moneys in the name of the
corporation in such banks or other depositaries as
selected by the Board (or delegate someone to do so).
3. Send notices and follow-up with any members
delinquent on their accounts.
4. Receive scholarship requests and present to
executive board; award moneys as determined by that
NOTE: The Treasurer may delegate duties or tasks as
needed, but will retain responsibility and accountability
for any such duties and tasks.
Must be a resident of the State of Montana, member of the
HLST corporation, and member of United States Swimming.
Some prior experience on the Board of Directors would be
helpful. A good understanding of the mission, workings
and by-laws of the team is essential. Good
communications skills are important. And…
A maximum of 4 years (2 terms) can be served
consecutively as a director on the board and Officers are
elected annually, so the position of Treasurer is for a oneyear appointment.
Attend monthly board meetings, check in at the pool at
least several times a week, run committee meetings, be
involved with team events and perform other duties as
necessary. Hours per month vary, never less than 5 hours
and can frequently be much more than that.
Other Board members, Outgoing Treasurer, Coaches, Team
Bylaws and other written guidelines and software
Outgoing Treasurer, other board members, coach